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Fox: GOP Might Lose 50 Seats

The flowering Foley scandal will be devastating to the Republicans in November and might result in the loss of 50 House seats, according to Fox News — not exactly a Democratic news outlet. Fox was citing internal GOP polls, and it quoted a Republican pollster:

The data suggests Americans have bailed on the Speaker [Hastert]. And the difference could be between a 20-seat loss and a 50-seat loss.

An important story in the Washington Post today suggests Republicans are losing their edge with evangelical Christians, who've been shocked by the Foley matter. Sadly, a lot of that is because those Christians hate and fear gay people. But the Republicans can't complain. Having spent decades stoking those fears, it's satisfying payback.

Oh. And it was pathetic Mark Foley himself, a closeted gay man, who voted for the absurd anti-gay "Defense of Marriage Act." Heckuva job, Foley.


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