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Edwards’ Iraq-Sized Insurance Plan

I haven’t had the chance to truly parse John Edwards’ universal health care plan, (PDF) except to note that its yearly pricetag is less than half the $235 billion “supplemental” that George Bush tacked on to his budget to fund the Iraq war.

The details are less important than the framing of the issue: For less money than we’re currently spending to lose the Iraq war, we could cover every uninsured man, woman and child in America.

We’re waging war in a foreign land without wrecking our economy. Clearly we could provide quality health care for every one of our countrymen and still be prosperous.

Edwards is brave enough to commit to raising taxes on the wealthy to pay for his plan. My guess is that having a healthy workforce not tied to shit jobs they dislike because of the benefits they can’t afford to live without would create a huge efficiency dividend in America. Who knows, the tax windfall might even be enough to pay for universal health care…

I’m only half joking. Call it voodoo healthonomics.


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