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Dylan Ratigan Tackles the ‘Kill Team’ Report: ‘Just Wanton Murder’

More ‘Kill Team coverage,’ this time from MSNBC’s Dylan Ratigan Show. Ratigan’s guests, an ex-soldier and a former national security advisor, react to Rolling Stone‘s report that U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan murdered innocent civilians, mutilated their corpses, kept body parts for trophies, and got themselves photographed — grinning — with their “kills.”

Get the full story — including video footage and war crime images the Pentagon tried to suppress — here.

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Lt. Col Anthony Shaffer, Center for Advanced Studies:

 Well, morally there’s nothing I can say about that. I can tell you that there is a clear failure of both training and standards. [Cpl. Jeremy] Morlock should have never been in the Army. This demonstrates to me how much our standards … I started off as a recruiter when I was a brand-new enlisted guy, and we didn’t take anyone who even had a hint of a criminal record. He had all sorts of violations, including torturing his wife. I watched these videos. I was sickened by them. You don’t kill people arbitrarily. If you think they’re the bad guy, you capture them and try to get all the intel out of them you can. This is something I see is a huge problem on the battlefield right now.

Brett McGurk, former National Security Council staffer:

Gen. Petraeus says these things are [not] biodegradable. They don’t go way and impact everything we’re trying to do. This is just wanton murder. That’s why one of the guys on trial going to prison…. It’s not something you can put in context. but you have to keep in mind what the Taliban is doing every day.


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