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Donald Trump’s Meanest Twitter Insults

Contrary to Trump’s claim that he does not repeat himself, he does so, often, especially on his favorite medium: Twitter

Vanity Fair editor Graydon Carter says that for years after he dubbed Donald Trump a “short-fingered vulgarian” in Spy magazine, Trump would send him glossy photos of himself, digits circled in gold Sharpie, with a note: “See? Not so short.” When Marco Rubio revived the short-fingered insult on the campaign trail recently, Trump seized on it at a GOP debate, assuring the 16.8 million people watching that there’s no problem with the size of his hands or his dick.

And when Mitt Romney recently rattled off a list of Trump’s failed businesses — Trump Airlines, Trump Vodka, Trump Steaks and Trump magazine among them — Trump used the airtime meant for his primary victory speech to deny the charges, pointing to a table piled high with raw meat (raised, processed and sold by an unrelated retailer), wine (from a vineyard that is explicitly not affiliated with Trump) and water (bottled by an independent company).

My point is that Donald Trump certainly can’t take it — but he not particularly skilled at dishing it out either. Since declaring his candidacy for president last June, Trump has publicly insulted 202 people, places and things, according to one inventory. That’s a staggering number, but it belies the fact that most of his insults are rehashed versions of the same few hackneyed jibes.

His favorite way to disparage something is to call it failing (he’s lobbed a variation of that various enemies at least 66 times since he started running), but he also likes to call a person who has displeased him a lightweight (37), dishonest (36), dumb or dummy (33), bad! (31), sad! (31), a dope or dopey (29), weak (27), a liar (27), a loser (25), the worst (22), boring (21), incompetent (16), biased (15), a disaster (13), a clown (11), a disgrace (6), dying (10), overrated (6), stupid (7), a fraud (7) and not nice (5).

Contrary to his recent claim that he does not repeat himself, Trump does so, often, when attempting to slight his enemies. Here are some of his favorite insults, from his favorite medium: Twitter.

You just don’t have “it”

You’re a dog

You’re a failure

You have no credibility

You are the worst 

You’ve asked me for money or favors

Seems like dopey failed businessman Donald Trump, who begs Americans for $$ and votes, has wasted millions of characters on boring tweets to attract attention to his dying campaign! Sad!

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