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Donald Trump Is Polling Better Than Cruz, Rubio and Paul, Combined

The ridiculous billionaire businessman is polling at 17 percent, trouncing three governors with solid GOP bona fides

donald trumpdonald trump

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is leading the polls.

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A new national poll from USA Today/Suffolk University finds that Donald Trump is leading the Republican field.

It’s hilarious enough that a billionaire bigot who’s slandered Mexican immigrants as rapists and criminals, and who makes Reddit trolls appear statesmanlike by comparison, is leading the GOP field.

What’s even more riotous is that Trump is running laps around GOP senators who have built national reputations on their supposed resonance with the party’s activist base.

Trump is polling at 17 percent. The top three Senate candidates in the GOP field — Ted Cruz of Texas (6 percent), Marco Rubio of Florida (5 percent) and Rand Paul of Kentucky (4 percent) — combine for a paltry 15 percent. You’d have to add the backers of New Jersey’s wildly unpopular Gov. Chris Christie (3 percent) to defeat The Donald.

It’s almost as if the stunt-based governance practiced by the likes of Cruz and Paul — egged on by outside “activist” groups like FreedomWorks and Heritage Action — doesn’t really buy you a lot of cred with the real people who make up the Republican primary electorate. I mean, Cruz shut down the government. Paul filibustered the Patriot Act. And together they can’t edge out the loudmouth clown who delights the GOP’s nativist base by declaring that the U.S. should have invaded Mexico instead of Iraq.

The news is hardly better for the former governors in the race. Even second place Jeb Bush (14 percent) would require a heaping helping of Huckabee (4 percent) to, well, trump Trump.

What a shitshow.

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