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“Dollar Bill” Jefferson Must Go

“The Democrats”culture of corruption’ agenda has been washed away by their own ethics tsunami. They’re standing on the branch that they’re sawing off.” —a spokesman for House Speaker Dennis Hastert

There’s clearly no one at the helm of the Democratic party. Because if there were, Bill Jefferson would no longer be in the House of Representatives.

Nancy Pelosi’s take: “Justice Department investigations must be conducted in accordance with constitutional protections and historical precedent.” According the Chicago Tribune, the party isn’t even sure it is going to kick him off the Ways and Means Committee.

Are you kidding me?! Bill Jefferson deserves his day in court. But not another day in Congress.

There’s no reasonable doubt in the court of public opinion. From a PR standpoint is worse than Duke Cunningham and Tom Delay combined. The man took $100,000 dollars in bribe money during an FBI sting and $90,000 of it ended up in his goddamn freezer!

According to one federal affidavit: “Congressman Jefferson’s receipt of the briefcase containing $100,000 in cash was video taped by the FBI from several different vantage points.”

Unless the Democratic establishment can move decisively to excise this cancer from the party, then every one of those “money shots” is going to end up in a campaign commercial.

You can almost hear the voiceover now: “If Democrats can’t clean up their own party, how can they possibly clean up Washington?…”

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