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Do Not Taunt Super-Happy-Fun-Ball…

Or Matt Taibbi.

A lesson the flabby-minded Erica Jong will not soon forget.

The exchange begins with Jung (er, Jong; sorry, Freudian slip…) calling Matt a wannabe motherfucker here, prompting Matt to respond here with material that suggests a future career as an insult comic, pings back to Erica here, and finally pongs back to Matt with this:

To sum up: Erica Jong writes a half-baked essay (on the basis of so perfunctory a read of one single line of one single article that she couldn’t remember my name; she confused me with my father), violates my mother in print, and calls me a motherfucker. Then, when I write back to defend myself (and, by extension, my mother), she first cloaks herself in the suffering of both the Jewish people and African-Americans, then congratulates herself on having achieved the intellectual level of one of the great geniuses of the 20th century, and then finally compares me, in the space of a couple of sentences, to both the Nazis and the Ku Klux Klan — two great historical enemies of exalted thinkers like herself, thinkers who even as we speak would be tirelessly working to prevent the breakup of the Antarctic ice cap and genreally save humanity from itself wherever possible, were it not for the childish insults of such anti-intellectual monsters as me gumming up the works.

Did I miss anything? Because I think she hit pretty much every single liberal cliche in existence. I wouldn’t previously have thought it possible to connect a wisecrack about Hillary Clinton’s arms to global warming, but I suppose anything is possible, if you really put your mind to it…

Happy Friday, everyone.


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