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Demented Solution to Chinese Competition: American Workers, “Try Harder”

When foreign economies get competitive, any student of American history would expect the conservative party to clamp down on labor unions, deregulate heavy industry, keep the minimum wage low and incentives for big business high. But what's surprising in the case of China is the way in which Liberals and Conservatives alike — from the editorial staff of The New York Times, to writers to the Archbishop of Capitalism, Thomas Freidman — are reluctant to condemn the country's slave labor practices in favor of placing greater demands on the American worker.

And just how are overworked American laborers to compete with overseas counterparts paid in nickels? If Thomas Freidman, with all his homespun platitudes can't find the answer, maybe Matt Taibbi's new column can crack the pickle. Check it out, and let us know what you think.


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