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Sitting = civility?

  • This discussion of health care is good and deep and civil. Hillary’s trying to paint Obama on the wrong side of “Core Democrat” — a hard argument to make when Teddy Kennedy is Obama’s new BFF
  • Obama contrasting himself to McCain’s flip/flop on Bush’ tax cuts is a good line of attack.
  • Hillary looks a little dazed in her health care details. Obama’s not um-ing and ah-ing like he so often does in these debates.
  • God I’m glad Lost is on on the East Coast — Rob Reiner, George Costanza, Aaron Sorkin(?)… The Republicans got Ronald Reagan’s jet, the Dems get the Kodak Theater and Hollywood on parade. At least George Soros isn’t in the audience.
  • Obama seemed to win on points in this immigration debate.
  • Both Obama and Clinton are doing well tonight. But the rap on Obama is that he’s a soaring orator but doesn’t have a deep grasp of the issues. He’s more than holding his own in this deep and detailed debate. This is a case where a tie goes to the rookie.
  • Obama’s funny tonight — the line about Mitt Romney’s return on his investment in the campaign is classic.
  • Pierce Brosnan! God, this should be a drinking game.
  • Ugly Betty! With a Hillary pin!
  • Strong candidate for Obama’s line of the night: “I don’t just want to end the war. I want to end the mindset that got us into the war in the first place.”
  • Why does Wolff feel its his duty to call “swipes?”
  • The gay-bashing Grey’s anatomy guy! With a goatee.
  • Good Levin amendment question. Why didn’t Hillary vote to have Bush return to the U.N.? Topher Grace! looks skeptical of Hillary’s answer.
  • Obama line-of-the-night contender: On Petraeus’s successes in Iraq: “We’ve set the bar so low it’s buried in the sand at this point.”
  • Obama just hit the ball out of the park on why he’d be a better nominee on national security. He’s doing a remarkable job of projecting himself as a candidate against McCain rather than Clinton tonight.
  • Hillary just gave about a seven minute, two-part non-answer for why she didn’t make a mistake in voting to go to war.
  • Obama has gotten skilled at making his counter points subtly enough that Clinton doesn’t get another whack at it. He said her vote was to go to war “potentially.” It had the same effect of saying she voted to go to war, without Hillary being given another 30 seconds.


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