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Death of Bin Laden: Today’s Best Coverage

David Weigel on how anti-war members of Congress hope to turn Bin Laden’s death to their advantage. [Slate]

Daniel Byman says Al Qaeda was never quite what Americans thought it was, and Bin Laden’s death doesn’t mean it’s finished. [Foreign Policy]

Lawrence F. Kaplan says “Bin Laden was a sick bastard. But he also created a generation of sick bastards. They’re still here.” [The New Republic]

Eliza Griswold describes an anxious night in Karachi, Pakistan, in lockdown after the killing of Bin Laden. [The New Yorker]

Dalia Lithwick on why Obama should use Osama Bin Laden’s death to declare victory and bring the war on terror. [Slate]

Philip Gorevitch says the White House should not release the photos of Bin Laden’s corpse as they’ll immediately become the story. [The New Yorker]

Jonathan Alter says Bin Laden’s death may be a marker in U.S. history: “We can’t know for sure how bin Laden’s death will shape the war on al Qaeda; this kind of war won’t end with a surrender and a signing ceremony. But we just won a decisive battle.” [Bloomberg]

The Economist says the death of Osama means Obama is probably getting reelected in 2012. [Economist]

Garance Franke Ruta looks at how the narrative of Osama’s killing has shifted in the past 24 hours and says it’s worth viewing the early accounts with a skeptical eye. [The Atlantic]


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