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David Plouffe’s Biggest Mistake: The Texas Primary

Washington Post Interview With David Plouffe:

WaPo: What was your biggest mistake?

David Plouffe: Well me personally, was mishandling the Ohio-Texas primary back in March of 08, I think if we focused more on Texas, we might’ve been able to win the primary. And the price of that was that the primary went on for another three months. So that was a huge mistake that we made. But I think we got most of the big things right, and I think HE got most of the big things right; How he dealt with the Reverend Wright episode, how he dealt with the economic crisis, particularly, compared to our opponent. The American people just saw someone who was very steady and sure. And I think the long campaign benefitted us from that standpoint. Someone who comes on the scene like that, in many respects, needed two years for the American people to take his measure. He would often say, when we were in the primary, voters have every right to kick the tires and lift up the hood, and I think we benefited from that.


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