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Darth Cheney: The Anti Gore

The latest in the Washington Post’s Pulitzer-bound series on Dick Cheney’s abuses of power and discretion tackles his hands-on role as the nation’s Environmental Degradation Czar. “Leaving No Tracks” makes it clear that it was Cheney who killed 70,000 imperiled salmon in Oregon by undermining the integrity of federal science so as not to place restrictions on agribusiness’ use of water.

And it was Cheney who demanded EPA rubber stamp the administration’s illegal New Source Review standards that would allow oil refineries to renovate and expand without bringing ’70s era pollution controls up to date — leading Christine Todd Whitman to resign.

This report dovetails perfectly with the portrait of Cheney as the Anti-Gore on climate painted in the latest issue of Rolling Stone, in which Whitman told America of the VP:

“The environment and energy issues were really turned over to him from the beginning.”


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