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Daily Show: ‘Voter Fraud Statistics are Limited Only as Much as Your Imagination’


Florida’s Republican Gov. Rick Scott recently signed a law that requires new voters to submit completed registration forms within 48 hours from the minute they fill them out, causing new voter registration to plummet by twenty percent. The law is intended to limit rampant voter fraud, as Daily Show correspondent John Oliver explained last night to Jon Stewart: “Sacrificing twenty percent of new voter participation is nothing compared to the horrors of voter fraud, which, according to the Brennan Center for Justice, happens at a terrifying rate of 0.0004 percent.”  The Brennan Center’s number is minuscule, so voter fraud isn’t a real concern, right?  Not so, Oliver said.  Because who knows how many cases of undetected voter fraud there might be? “Voter fraud statistics are limited only as much as your imagination.”  Watch:


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