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Comments of the Day: The Great Macaca Debate

From the hot comments threat on the post: The First YouTube Election: George Allen and “Macaca”

Allen K.:

“For the record: Sidarth was born in Virginia.” And George Felix Allen wasn’t. He’s a Confederacy wannabe. Before 2000, I would never have believed that losers like this could be plausible candidates for presidential nomination.


“Macaca” is an ethnic slur in Tunisia and Allen’s mother is French Tunisian.


Let’s take this logically: Allen wrote on a school wall

Allen was made to apologize over school PA

Allen had confederate stickers on his car

Allen had confederate flag in his living room displayed prominently

Allen had a display with noose hanging from a tree

Allen opposed Martin Luther King holiday

Allen replaced the only black trustee at Univ of Virginia

Allen calls an Indian American “monkey.” Allen is a RACIST.

Morely Dotes: While Allen is clearly an idiot and a bigot, he’s correct about one thing. Sidarth *is* a primate. So am I. So are you. What’s even more amusing is that the Pope is *the* Primate.


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