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Comment of the Day: Why Paul

Answering Why Ron Paul? with bullet-point elegance is Dlynne:

I am voting for Ron Paul, and here are some of the following reasons:

1. Paul voted against the war in Iraq. I was not in favor of the war in Iraq because I never did understand its connection to 9/11.

2. Paul supported the action in Afghanistan, insofar as capturing Bin Laden and destroying the terrorist camps. I supported the Afghanistan action and the capture of Bin Laden. I NEVER supported the idea that we were going to “build” Afghanistan into our idea of what it should be. [N]Either did Paul.

3. Paul wants to cut out all foreign aid AND close down all foreign bases. He will give the billions in savings back to the citizens who are paying for all this stuff, including me.

4. Paul will secure our borders, which is the ONLY way to thwart future terrorist attacks in our country. I am in favor of secure borders, and do not think that soldiers ‘” stationed in Iraq — can protect our soil or citizens against the threat here at home.

5. He will cut out all unnecessary and redundant (need I say Homeland Security?) federal agencies.

6. He voted against the Patriot Act. I think he was the only Congressional member who actually read it. I am not in favor of the Patriot Act, and I am tired of my government trying to turn me into a wimp. I am not afraid, and see no reason to give up my rights as a U.S. citizen in order to feel secure. Surely, we are all made of stronger stuff than that.

By the way, I am pro-choice. But no candidate is going to meet my criteria 100%. Paul is willing to let states decide their own take on abortion, and I can live with that.


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