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Comment of the Day: Wasted Hate

Responding to Matt Lauer’s persistent questions about waterboarding and torture, loyal reader and persistent critic Halzee writes:

I don’t give a rip if we take these terrorists and hook jumper cables to their nuts! If we can get answers out of these animals on what they have planned for us or where they hide out, then we do whatever it takes. Torture? What do you call showing prisoners on video with a gun to their head or chopping that head off? What do call dragging dead soldiers through the streets and then hanging them from a bridge for the world to see?

It was time to take off the gloves after the first attempt on the Trade Centers but our “all bark no bite” leader at the time chose to do nothing because that is what the Left does — NOTHING.

You Leftists are more concerned with not hurting feelings and being politically correct with people than protecting this country. How about the feelings of those families who still suffer from the loss of their family members on 9/11?

Bush is the right man for the job at the right time in our history. If Gore or Kerry were in office we would be trying to negotiate with these animals and Saddam would be sticking his nose in the air at us while laughing at yet another useless UN Resolution.

You keep spending all your energy on hating Bush while Bush continues to attack those spending all their energy hating us!

(Play nice in the comment thread. Seriously. I enjoy the fact that this blog attracts readers from both ends of the political spectrum. And Halzee certainly offers fodder for debate. But we’re all patriots here. Respect each other.)


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