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Comment of the Day: Flag Burning as Hate Speech?

From reader’GAFF’:

If a kid can’t wear a shirt to school that says “Homosexuality is shameful,” then nobody should be allowed to burn the American flag on American soil. If calling a gay person a “faggot” is hate-speech, then so is burning our flag; it’s hate speech towards patriotic Americans. If someone wants to burn the American flag, fine —just do it somewhere other than America. People who take advantage of all the opportunity this country affords should not have the right to desecrate this sacred symbol of our freedom; that’s not freedom of speech, it’s treasonous. It seems like the left wants to have all the power to decide what is “politically correct” and what is hate-speech. Funny how liberals can say all the hateful things they want about Christians, conservatives and America and it’s “freedom of speech,” but if someone says they don’t support illegal immigrants or gay rights initiatives, then it’s bigoted hate-speech. The hypocrisy is sickening.


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