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Colbert: We Must Prepare for the Real Possibility of President Trump

“Yes, Trump is unstoppable. He’s like Godzilla with less foreign policy experience,” ‘Late Show’ host says

Stephen Colbert checked back in on “The Road to the White House” following the Nevada and South Carolina primaries, and while Hillary Clinton suffered a humiliating victory and Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio fought over who won second place, a deeper concern started to crystalize for Colbert after this weekend’s results. “It’s time to end the denial,” Colbert told his audience. “We as a nation must prepare for the very real possibility of President Donald J. [gulp] … [gag] … I think I just Trumped in my mouth a little.”

Following Trump‘s South Carolina victory, political pundits called the mogul’s campaign “unstoppable” and that he was “the inevitable GOP nominee.” “Yes, Trump is unstoppable. He’s like Godzilla with less foreign policy experience,” Colbert said. “I’ll admit, I thought he was just doing this to promote his reality show or sell more steaks. When he announced his intention to be president, it never occurred to me that his end game was to be president.”

Trump’s sustained success comes to the surprise of everyone except Trump. “I’m not the only one having to get used to the idea. Here’s what Donald said when asked if he thought he could be presidential,” Colbert said while introducing an interview clip where Trump admitted, “I can act as presidential as anybody who’s ever been president, other than the great Abraham Lincoln. I thought he was pretty hard to beat.”

“Personally, I think Trump is just being humble,” Colbert added. “He’s got a lot in common with Lincoln. I’m sure if he’s elected, half of the country would want to secede.”

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