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Colbert: Nun’s Book on Sex Like ‘An Ultimate Fighting DVD Released by the Dalai Lama’

stephen colbert

The recent reprimanding of a group of nuns by the Vatican was aimed at those sisters of the Catholic Church who contradicted doctrine on various sexual issues.  But, Stephen Colbert said on last night’s Report, “there’s one nun in particular who’s really got the Vatican’s chasubles in a bunch.”

Sister Margaret Farley’s recent book takes distinctly un-Catholic positions on same-sex marriage, remarriage after divorce, and masturbation, among other sexual topics.  Pope Benedict XVI was very concerned about the content of these opinions, but Colbert thought there was a more pressing matter at hand: “What in the world does a nun know about sex?  That’d be like an ultimate fighting DVD released by the Dalai Lama.” Watch:


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