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Clinton ‘Extra’ Speaks Out About Participating in Campaign Script

CNN really nails the Clinton planted questions scandal.

The senior Clinton staffer … opened a binder to a page that, according to Gallo-Chasanoff, had about eight questions on it.

“The top one was planned specifically for a college student,” she added. “It said ‘college student’ in brackets and then the question.”

Topping that sheet of paper was the following: “As a young person, I’m worried about the long-term effects of global warming. How does your plan combat climate change?”

My favorite part of the video is when Clinton, before responding, looks down at her notes and then says: “I find, as I travel around Iowa, that it’s usually young people who ask me about global warming.”

Everything according to script.

Some people that I respect have tried to minimize the importance of this incident.

To me it’s the epitome of what’s wrong with American politics. We’ve all become extras in the fucking script. There’s so much artifice that the actual concerns and questions of real people like this idealistic Grinnell student get smoothed down into a tasteless focus-grouped pablum — the kind of questions which, in turn, spur the candidate to regurgitate talking point f-18 [Global Warming for Iowa].

One of the glories of the YouTube era is that it has become so much easier to expose this sham for what it is.

UPDATE: Here’s CNN’s report:


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