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Bush-League Justice: Torture, Then Execute

The Bush Pentagon has released its new rules for military tribunals.

“The rules appear carefully crafted to ensure than an accused can be convicted — and possibly executed based on nothing but a coerced confession.”

—Colonel Dwight H. Sullivan, Chief Defense Counsel, U.S. Marine Corps Reserves

Also allowing convictions on the basis of hearsay and secret evidence, these sound like the kind of rules a tin-pot dictator might invent. Sadder still, they seem to have been written, after the fact, to accomodate the extra-judicial practices that the Bush administration has already subjected detainees to.

Why do we need to allow for coerced confessions? Because Bush & Co. has already water-boarded detainees into submission. Why is hearsay suddenly the gold-standard for conviction? Because the jaundiced word of Northern Alliance warlords is the best we’ve got to dispose of many of the hundreds of detainees at Gitmo.

Former JAG, Sen. Lindsay Graham. Your leadership is needed. Chuck Hagel like. Right now. To stop this Bush-league travesty of justice.


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