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Brianna Keilar Rips Trump and GOP Over Election Hypocrisy: ‘The Ex Who Just Won’t Accept That It’s Over’

The host compared Trump enablers Jared Kushner and Rudy Giuliani, who are pushing the president to hold recount rallies, to guys “who take their friend out to the bar after a breakup, trying to get him some digits to take his mind off of things”

CNN’s Brianna Keilar went after both the president and his enablers for their denial of reality and their blatant hypocritical reactions by not accepting the outcome of the election. The host compared their behavior to a “bad breakup,” by an “ex who just won’t accept that it’s over.”

“All right, let’s talk about what is happening right now here in Washington, D.C. A lame-duck president who won’t concede in the election he just lost. This isn’t the stuff of presidential elections. It’s the stuff of a bad breakup,” Keilar said.

Keilar compared Trump’s constant complaining and refusal to concede to a former partner who can’t take rejection and refuses to let go.

Trump is “the ex who just won’t accept that it’s over, who won’t return your favorite t-shirt or maybe your dog. They’re texting you, or in this case, tweeting you incessantly when you’re going to bed, when you’re waking up in the morning,” Keilar said.

The host played past video clips of Trump and his sycophants “trusting the media to call the election” when Trump won but hypocritically taking the exact opposite stance this time around.

“President Trump insists it can’t be over. He’s in denial, asking the question: ‘Since when does the media call who our next president will be?’ Well, the answer: since always–when it comes to modern elections–because they’re following the data. And when Trump was winning in 2016, he was totally cool with that,” Keilar said.

Keilar’s biting monologue also included a takedown of Trump’s aides who are encouraging him to hold recount rallies no matter the continuing rise in coronavirus cases. The host compared Trump enablers Jared Kushner, Rudy Giuliani, and Jason Miller to guys “who take their friend out to the bar after a breakup, trying to get him some digits to take his mind off of things.”

Of course, Keilar is correct. Some at Fox News have accepted the president’s defeat, even if they don’t purposely admit it on air.

During a Saturday segment, Fox News’ Sandra Smith was caught in an off-air video tweeted by Timothy Burke reacting to a guest Cleta Mitchell complaining about the media calling the election. Smith could be heard telling co-host Trace Gallagher “What is happening?”

Cleta Mitchell: “Remember, just because CNN or even Fox News says who’s president doesn’t make them president. So I think everybody wants to know this was done properly and legally and that we can trust the results. And I think we have to look at every one of these concerns.”

Sandra Smith: “What?!” What is happening? Trace, we’ve called it.”

Keilar finished the segment by saying that just because Trump and his allies desperately want things to be different, the reality is the American people have found someone new.

Donald Trump hasn’t conceded. It’s the equivalent of American voters breaking up with him. But he just let that call go to voicemail. Doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. Doesn’t mean America hasn’t found someone else, at least for four more years,” Keilar said.


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