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Blue State Revenge: How Would a Democratic Congress Respond to Empowerment?

Six years into the Bush administration’s War on Congress, a glint of hope: This January, real, live Democrats could control one — conceivably two — chambers of our national legislature. And all it took was a baffling and ill-conceived war, half a decade of economic stagnation, the demonization of America worldwide, decadent corruption pursued with devil-may-care impunity, our complete inability to find Osama bin Laden, the nuclearization of a meglomaniac’s hostile state, sky-rocketing costs of wares like pills and gasoline, the trivialization, then legalization of torture, and most appallingly, a slew of nasty emails from a Republican pedophile.

Yet before you tip your mug of Courvoisier to the return of civility, chew over Matt Taibbi’s new column on the structural damage this dark decade has done to our Congress, a place exhausted of goodwill between parties, where legislators no longer speak so much as a “howdy” to those across the aisle. What will become of Capitol Hill if the power scales tip? Do you think there’s any reason to think the Democrats aren’t as ugly as the Republicans?

Mull it over and let us know what you think. And if you haven’t yet, see if there’s still time in your state to register to vote.


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