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Blankfein Invokes God and Man

Yes, it’s true, Blankfein did tell a reporter for the Sunday Times of London that he’s just a banker “doing God’s work,” a quote the newspaper couldn’t help but use for the headline of its 6,900-word opus about Goldman last weekend. And, no, Blankfein didn’t mean for these words to be taken seriously, according to the bank’s spokesman, Lucas van Praag.

via Blankfein Invokes God and Man at Goldman Sachs: Jonathan Weil –

I just want the numerous people who’ve been writing to me on the subject to know that I definitely did hear Lloyd Blankfein say that he believed Goldman is doing “God’s work.” I’m trying to ignore it for the moment because I’m on a deadline and my editors will chop my balls off if I do a blog post on that right now.

I also have a number of people asking me to comment on Thomas Friedman’s recent use of a broccoli image in a column about the Amazon. I have prepared a ruling on this matter and it is forthcoming. Without getting into it too much, I believe that while it is a very close call, the use of the broccoli image was justified. To use police parlance, it was a “good shoot.”

Anyway, I have to get back to work or I am going to be fired. Apologize for the long absence.


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