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Birthers Are Dying Off

A birther billboard in Wheat Ridge, Colorado questions President Obama's American citizenship.

The latest sign that Birtherism is yesterday's conspiracy theory: In a new poll, the number of people who having doubts on whether Obama is a natural-born American has dropped by one half since the president busted out his long form birth certificate last week. Today, 86 percent of Americans believe he was born here, or say that's their best guess (good guess!), the Washington Post's Jon Cohen reports. Ten percent (and 16 percent of conservative Republicans) still claim to believe he's a foreigner. What more proof do they need? Never mind.

So, yeah, so much for birtherism. But before we pop the corks on a new Age of Reason, I'm itching to see the numbers on how many Americans think, say, that Bin Laden was dead before the attack; that he's still alive; or that the White House staged the whole thing to get Obama reelected. Something tells me they won't be encouraging. Stay tuned.


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