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Bill Maher and Moby Demonstrate How to Use ASMR to Deal With Trump

A soothing way to cope with Teflon Don

On Friday night, after Moby told HBO’s Real Time host Bill Maher a story about how he rubbed his “flaccid penis” against Donald Trump at a party they both attended in 2001, the musician and the host demonstrated how they are coping with the insane political world of President Trump through the use of autonomous sensory meridian response, otherwise known as ASMR.

Maher explained how after the recent fallout from the Mueller report has seemingly exacted no accountability for Trump’s wrongdoings and said how “for the first time” in his life he is “using marijuana for legitimate medical reasons.” Then rattled off a list of Trump’s indiscretions that has affected his current emotional state.

“[Trump] beat the rap on Russia. He’s gotten away with collusion and obstruction and stealing Obama’s Supreme Court seat. So many things were supposed to bring him down: Charlottesville, Stormy Daniels, kids in cages, Mueller—nothing does,” Maher lamented.

“He picked up Senate seats in the midterms. He got Kavanagh and Kanye. He’s got the entire Republican Party behind him. Despite all the laws of economics,” the comedian continued. “The stock market is up. Despite the laws of nutrition he’s alive. And despite the laws of laws he’s not in jail. He was right about one thing, I am tired of him winning.”

Then Maher turned to his new remedy: ASMR videos on YouTube. The videos feature people whispering and making crinkle noises that trigger a pleasurable, soothing response in some people’s brains.

“I, Bill Maher, am 100 percent all-in on and completely into ASMR… I know you’re thinking, Bill did you hit your head? You are the last guy we’d expect to be into some crazy social media fad,” Maher said. But, Maher said ASMR helps him relax after a day of listening to Trump. So he and Moby decided to make some ASMR content of their own.

Moby rubbing a balloon on his head

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