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Bill Maher to Dems: ‘Get Out Of Woke-ville, Go Where The Votes Are’

“See what’s going on in Mullet Town,” the comedian urged liberal presidential candidates

Likely to the annoyance of many on the left, Bill Maher volunteered to coach-up the 2020 Democratic presidential field during his New Rules segment on HBO’s Real Time on Friday night.

Maher has argued for some time now that Democrats in general are much too apt to argue amongst themselves and pick each other a part to the detriment of the overall good they represent. So, Maher donned a baseball cap, like a baseball manager would, and shared some unsolicited advice that he thinks will help the team he is rooting for win back the White House.

Maher thinks Democrats should go on Fox News whenever they get the opportunity. “You’ve already got NPR. Go on Fox,” the comedian scolded the party’s presidential candidates, referring to Elizabeth Warren’s decision not to do a Fox News town hall. Maher told them to, “Go where the votes are.” And to, “Get out Woke-ville, for a day. See what’s going on in Mullet Town.”

Maher also talked about the field being way too large, stating emphatically, “No more candidates! We’re full!” Then he told them to handle Twitter better and to toughen up: “Stop apologizing for everything,” he said, adding, “I know more about what Democratic candidates have apologized for than I know their stance on the issues.”

Maher seemed most serious when he talked about messaging. Especially in comparison to Republicans who understand how to beat a talking point to death in unison when they think they have a winning issue.

The overall take by Maher may well have some validity. But the coach here is not the right messenger. Too many in the camps Maher is trying to reach have already placed him on their pay-no-mind list.

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