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Bernie Is Disgusted by Obscene Sneaker Prices

The Democratic presidential candidate appeared on Showtime’s ‘Desus & Mero’ to talk Cardi B, weed and AOC’s endorsement

Bernie Sanders sat down with Showtime’s Desus and Mero at the Brooklyn Farmacy, an old school soda shop not all that far from the Midwood neighborhood where Sanders grew up. It wasn’t boring! (“I do do a lot of boring ones,” Sanders said.) 

Among the things we learned, from this interview, that Bernie is not a fan of: the Brooklyn Nets, the Brooklyn Dodgers moving to L.A. in 1957 (“It really was enormously upsetting to the people of Brooklyn and New York”), Fortnite, and paying more than “$45, $50 bucks” for sneakers.

“This is a status thing?” Sander asked, after failing to guess the retail price for an Off-White x Nike Air Jordan 1. “I really do not like that idea — people paying $4,500 bucks…”

(It wasn’t in the interview, but one could safely add to Bernie’s dislike list “private equity vultures like Jim Spanfeller” — the man responsible this week for the en masse resignations of Deadspin’s editorial staff.)

Bernie, on the other hand, happily endorses: old movies, Bronx Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, Killer Mike, Cardi B (“A lot of entertainment stars, these folks make zillions of dollars a year and a lot of them don’t have the guts to speak out on important issues, they don’t want to antagonize this group — ‘Republicans buy sneakers,’ etcetera, etcetera — but Cardi B has”), a solid pair of New Balances, and legalizing cannabis

It is “insane” Sanders said, that under the Controlled Substance Act marijuana is classified the same as heroin. He proposes descheduling the drug, which would effectively legalize it in every state, expunging the criminal records related to nonviolent offenders, and ensuring that businesses run by people of color, disproportionately impacted by drug sentencing laws, are able to benefit the most from legalization.   


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