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As Negative As It Gets: Hillary Compares Obama to Bush?!?

TRANSCRIPT: Democratic Debate

CLINTON: He’s very likable [Obama]. I agree with that…. You know, in 2000 we, unfortunately, ended up with a president who people said they wanted to have a beer with; who said he wanted to be a uniter, not a divider; who said that he had his intuition and he was going to, you know, really come into the White House and transform the country. And, you know, at least I think there are the majority of Americans who think that was not the right choice.

UPDATE: She’s at it again:

‘I think it’s good to have a likeable president. But if I remember right, many people said they wanted to have a beer with George W. Bush. Maybe they should’ve left it at that — have a beer, don’t vote him in as our president.’


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