All the News That Fits. . . Anti-Bush Nations Raise Gas Prices, Al Qaeda's New Home Video and More. - Rolling Stone
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All the News That Fits. . . Anti-Bush Nations Raise Gas Prices, Al Qaeda’s New Home Video and More.

  • Venezuela, Nigeria cut oil production; Iran’s OPEC rep says he will support “any effort by OPEC members to strengthen the oil market and return prices to an acceptable and rational level.”
  • More inspiring filmmaking from uncaptured terrorists: In their latest addition to the Al Qaeda boxed set of videos produced after 9/11, Osama’s right hand demagogue urges the Pope to convert to Islam, denounces the Darfur peacekeeping mission as a “Crusader’s Campaign,” and calls Bush a “deceitful charlatan.” What if Democrats had such gifts for language?
  • The Thai General involved in the brutal supressing of pro-democracy demonstrators in 1992 is selected as the nation’s new leader after a military coup billed as an attempt to restore democracy. With spokesmen from the previous regime in jail, he promises elections within the year.
  • Sick and secluded Farrakhan temporarily steps back from Nation of Islam leadership, arguing that the decade-old movement must operate on “more than the charisma, eloquence and personality of one person.” Nation expected to transform dynamically in his absence.
  • The Weakest Link: In his revealing new book on how Bush White House handled Iraq, Bob Woodward writes that Donald Rumsfeld was nearly fired by the administration after the 2004 re-election. Over the weekend, the Secretary of Defense all about admitted to the author’s accusations but emphasized that he won’t resign. President Bush calls him personally to assure him of his job.


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