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All The News That Fits …

  • 6,599: That’s the number of Iraqi civillian deaths for July and August, a record that averages out to over 100 innocent people a day.
  • Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington has released a list of the twenty most corrupt congresspeople. Congrats to Conrad Burns, Bill Frist, Rick Santorum….
  • Recent Times/CBS News Poll: Seventy-Seven percent of America wants congress voted off the Island.
  • California prepares a global warming lawsuit against GM, Toyota, Ford, Honda, Chrystler and Nissan, citing such damages as melting snow, rising sea levels, increased ozone depletion and bushfires.
  • Thailand’s coup, meant to restore democracy in two weeks time, turn suppressive as military leaders shut down the media and lock up ministers from the previous regime.
  • The 63-year old inventor of the scratch-off lottery ticket has written a proposal that, if endorsed by enough states, would side-step the electoral college; California has already passed such a bill. Will Ahnold sign?

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