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Al Gore, Nobel Laureate

Al Gore (and the IPCC) have won the Nobel Peace prize.

It's pretty clear that Gore's not going to mount a run at this late date. The real question is: Will he endorse?

If he blesses the Hillary campaign, I really would think the race is over. Given their combative past and Hillary's as-yet flaccid global warming policies, however, I have a very hard time imagining Gore going there.

Edwards staked himself out early as the most serious global warming candidate. I don't think it's a coincidence, however, that Obama unveiled an aggressive cap-and-trade emissions policy just this week.

My best guess? Gore holds his tongue.

He's now got the Nobel imprimatur, which should help him build a truly post-partisan consensus about global warming. Why risk that — and a future post as environment czar in any Democratic administration — by trying to tip the scales against Hillary?

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