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Al Gore and Tim Dickinson on Romney’s Health Care Flip-Flop

Al Gore and Tim Dickinson on Romney's Health Care Flip-Flop

Co-founder of Current TV Al Gore and Rolling Stone Contributing Editor Tim Dickinson dropped in on Viewpoint with Eliot Spitzer last night to discuss Mitt Romney’s changing position on health care, as revealed by a cache of Romney emails published yesterday by The Wall Street Journal. Although Romney claims to want to kill Obamacare, the emails from his time as governor of Massachusetts show that he once strongly supported some of the very features of Obama’s reform law – in particular, the individual mandate – that he now repudiates.  Gore blasted him for this flip-flop in the clip below, saying, “I have never seen a candidate with as many positions changed, 180 degrees, on crucial issues.” Dickinson didn’t disagree, but nor did he think the emails were a big deal, at least as far as the election goes. “This is going to be an election about economics,” he said. “This flip-floppery isn’t going to matter too much if [voters] think that Romney’s got the solution on the economy.”  Watch:


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