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After Birtherism: More Silliness (And Worse)

President Obama holds a press conference at the White House on April 27, 2011 to release a long form version of his birth certificate.

Brendan Smialowski/Getty Images

They say that when the bottom falls out of a conspiracy theory, true believers don’t just slap their foreheads, roll their eyes, and embrace sweet reason; they up the crazy. Having seen the way Obama’s birth certificate rollout went down at the teeming, fevered wingnut community that is, I can confirm this. Clearly, even if this birther thing fades, the paranoid, spiteful, self-righteous impulse driving it won’t. It’ll find some other idiotic fantasy to latch onto soon enough.  Judge for yourself from the sampling below. (Note: the headers are ours; everything else is as posted.)

What’s He Hiding?

Only yesterday the Bamster said there was no point in releasing the LFBC because it wouldn’t change anybodies mind. A day later he does a 180. Either this guy is over medicated or White House polls show he is so far on the losing side of this issue he has to release something.
– precisionshootist (Donald Trump Is a Patriot first and a businessman second.)

There’s no way this doesn’t have a political motive. Maybe his polling really is that bad and he wants to take it off the table for 2012.
– newzjunkey

Th[e] big question Obama needs to answer is Why? Did people have to sit in jai[l], millions spent on defending against having to show this, problems with Hawaii certifying him as eligible to be on their ballot, Why Why Why???”
– Yaelle

“Wake up people. This is all a distraction by Obama. He’s doing something bad now/soon and is using this so people will be distracted by this and not the real news, whatever that is….”
– wrhssaxensemble (Christie-West/Christie-Rubio 2012)

There are many reasons to oppose his tyrannical collectivist reign of terror. The birth certificate issue seemed to be rabbit trail from focusing on real issues.
– HereInTheHeartland (Yes We Can, have smaller government)


It’s a Fake (Because … Why Would Obama Release the Real One, Proving the Birthers Right? Hello?!)

He’s not going to show this if it isn’t showing what he wants to show…inotherwords…my gut feeling tells me this is a fantastic fake. DO you think he’s going to unveil that he was born in Kenya or that his daddy is Sotero? Not going to happen. It’s another fake.
– Fawn (No–bama 2012)

According to FOX News, it’s not a Birth Certificate, it is the Certificate of Live Birth. They said, that’s what the State of HI gives to everyone who requests a Birth Certificate.
– no dems (At least Trump has a pair. If the GOP has no fire in the belly in 2012, we’re going down.)


It’s a Fake (Because … My Dog Coulda Made a Better Forgery)

Fake. Block 20 uses different font size for the month and day than for the year.
– Justa

How come there is white inside the 8s and zeros? Shouldn’t it be the same color as the background?
– Paddy Irish

Why is the O in Oahu floating like a balloon above the line, but not in OBAMA?
– Neighbor of the Beast (Bad posters drive out good; don’t post and drive!)

the font of the “A” on line 13 appears different from the “A” in the date on line 20. ?
– Diogenesis

Why does this look like it’s a copy from a book? The left side is a curved page….and why the out of context border? The border has been added on purpose for some reason…
– Fawn (No–bama 2012)

It looks like a piece of paper with a square cut out, and the BC was put in the middle, then photocopied.
– surroundedinCT

I’m around Barry’s age, and was born in NYS. And even accounting for the difference in states, size of the municipalities, and hospitals, my BC doesn’t look anything like that COLB. FWIW.
– mewzilla (Were members of both political parties in on the Lockerbie bomber deal?)

Now, does the serial number of the certificate fit in with the known serial numbers?……….
– Red Badger (Mitt Romney: The Harold Stassen of the 21st century……..)


It’s a Fake (Because … He Looked Shifty At the Press Conference)

I am listening to Obama at the news conference. Based on his demeanor, his voice — this is a all a con.
– bvw

Zero was wearing a US flag pin at the press briefing he just held. Has he EVER worn a flag pin before ???????????
– Visceral (The more I learn, the less I know)

Bamster did not spend a lot of time in front of the camera. Interesting.


Time to Move On … to the College Transcripts

Then we just “move the goal posts” hee hee hee
Where is your original passport? Where are your college records and financial aid info? etc.
– wilco200 (11/4/08 – The Day America Jumped the Shark)

Now for the college transcripts…………………
– Red Badger (Mitt Romney: The Harold Stassen of the 21st century……..)

Trump wonders now how 0 got into Columbia and Harvard while not being a good student prior to that. Why not release his transcripts?
– WestCoastGal

This Changes Nothing: He’s Still Funny Lookin’

So his mother is an American citizen, his father was an African studying in Hawaii…Obama is not a natural born citizen, correct?
– Vision (“Did I not say to you that if you would believe, you would see the glory of God?” John 11:40)

If his father was a British subject he’s still unqualified. The SCOTUS, CIA, NSA, etc. should do their job or stand in front of a firing squad.
– Waco (From Seward to Sara)

What this does, essentially, is re-define the definition of natural born citizen…now, it is perfectly fine to only have ONE parent as an American citizen, not two.
– magritte (“There are moments, Jeeves, when one asks oneself “Do trousers matter?”)

Game is not over, his father wasn’t a citizen. Its only over for those who can’t think for themselves.

If your way were true any enemy of the United States could impregnate an American woman, raise the child with anti-American philosophies, then run that child for POTUS when the time is right for destruction from within.

Now braindead Obama worshippers may think this is the intent of ‘natural born’ but people with brains know this is not what the founders intended.

Natural born = TWO citizen parents and has always meant that. Our founders weren’t as stupid as Obama worshippers are.
– conservativegramma

His father was NOT an American citizen, so that makes him Native Born, not Natural born. He’s still not eligible to be president! Also, his mother could not confer citizenship on Obama at the age of 18.
She had to be a citizen for 5 years after the age of 14. She’s 1 year shy!
– Bigh4u2 (Denial is the first requirement to be a liberal)

Misc. /WFT?

I wonder if the story about the last type writer factory closing is related….
–central_va (I won’t be reconstructed, and I do not give a damn.)


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