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A Small Dose of Compassionate Conservatism

I’ve gotta give Bush some credit on his immigration plan.

Yes, the National Guard deployment is an embarrassing farce. As Marc Cooper said it best: “The real mission of the 6,000 National Guard troops he has called out is to quell the rebellion…of his own conservative base. Indeed, if the President were being honest, the newly mobilized troops would be taken off the Federal payroll and moved onto the books of the 2006 national Republican campaign.”

But I daresay the rest of his plan actually, well, makes sense. I don’t agree with all of the specifics, but the president’s plan is entirely reasonable: Limited amnesty, increased border security, a new guest worker program. It’s not a silver bullet, but it’s certainly an improvement over the cruel and chaotic approach we’ve been living with since the failed immigration reforms of the Reagan era.

Give Bush some credit for not demagoging the nation’s most vulnerable workers and not pandering to dangerous xenophobes like Tom Tancredo. Enjoy this brief bout of compassionate conservatism while it lasts.

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