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28 WTF Moments From the GOP Debate

You can probably guess who said, “Tremendous has been sucked out of our country by China.”

GOP debateGOP debate

Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and the rest of the top-polling Republicans faced off in a debate Saturday in advance of the New Hampshire primary.

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Even as it took place, the eighth Republican debate, at Saint Anselm College in New Hampshire, felt like a moment frozen in time. Will Ted Cruz, Donald Trump, Marco Rubio, Ben Carson, Jeb Bush, Chris Christie and John Kasich ever share a stage again after Tuesday’s New Hampshire primary? It’s not likely, especially considering how difficult it was to get them all on stage Saturday evening. (Looking at you, Ben Carson).

Let’s savor these last few sweet moments together. Here are the most confounding, absurd, down-right hilarious and WTF? moments of Republican Debate VIII.

1. “I think I have the best temperament. I have gotten along with people for years and years.” -Donald Trump

2. “Ben, I’m sorry.” -Ted Cruz, apologizing to Ben Carson for telling Iowa voters that Carson had dropped out of the race just before the Iowa Caucuses Monday

3. “Today is the 105th anniversary — or 105th birthday — of Ronald Reagan. His 11th commandment was to not to speak ill of another Republican.” -Ben Carson

4. “That’s not leadership, that’s truancy.” -Chris Christie on Marco Rubio missing Senate votes

5. “You see, Marco, the thing is this: When you’re president of the United States, when you’re governor of a state, the memorized 25-second speech where you talk about how great America is at the end of it doesn’t solve one problem for one person. They expect you to plow the snow. They expect you to get the schools open.” -Chris Christie

6. “Chris, you didn’t want to go back [to New Jersey after the recent blizzard]. They had to shame you into going back.” -Marco Rubio

7. “Is that one of the skills you get as a U.S. senator too? ESP?” -Chris Christie, responding to Marco Rubio’s attack

8. “Let’s dispense with this fiction that Barack Obama doesn’t know what he’s doing; he knows exactly what he’s doing.” -Marco Rubio

9. “I think we have a president who is totally incompetent and he has no idea what he is doing. Our country is going to hell.” -Donald Trump

10. “Tremendous has been sucked out of our country by China.” -Donald Trump

11. “Just as we lock our doors at night, the country needs to lock its doors.” -John Kasich on immigration

12. “I’ve got somebody in mind to build it.” -Ted Cruz, motioning to Donald Trump, while speaking about the wall he would build on the U.S.-Mexico border

13. “I think I’m closer to common sense.” -Donald Trump, asked if he’s closer to Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders on health care

14. “I was hoping to get a chance to talk about about North Korea. I was the only who didn’t get to do it, and I’ve got some stuff to say about that.” -Ben Carson, fooling no one

15. “To turn this into a limousine parking lost for one of his casinos is not public use.” -Jeb Bush on Donald Trump evicting a woman in Atlantic City using eminent domain

16. “Jeb wants to be a tough guy!” -Donald Trump

17. “That’s all of his donors and special interests out there.” -Donald Trump, responding to loud boos from the audience as he attacked Jeb Bush

18. “I’d like to see more millionaires. I think we need to grow more millionaires.” -Jeb Bush

19. “It’s class warfare.” -Chris Christie, referring to raising taxes on millionaires

20. “When I say saturation carpet-bombing, that is not indiscriminate…. We should use overwhelming force, kill the enemy and get the heck out.” -Ted Cruz on his ISIS strategy

21. “I’m not here just to add beauty to the stage.” -Ben Carson

22. “I would not bring it back in any widespread use.” -Ted Cruz on torture

23. “I would bring back a hell of a lot worse than waterboarding.” -Donald Trump on torture

24. “I was the first one who said build a wall — not a toy wall like they have now.” -Donald Trump

25. “Bomb the oil…. Knock the hell out of the oil, take the oil.” -Donald Trump on his ISIS strategy

26. “You bet I would.” -Chris Christie on whether he would quarantine people coming back from the Rio Olympics, out of concern for the Zika virus

27. “Love member.” -Ted Cruz, tripping over the phrases “loved ones” and “family members”

28. “You’ve gotta get people in, grab ’em, hug ’em, kiss ’em, and get the deal done.” -Donald Trump on how he would deal with Congress


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