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2008: Field of Dreams?

The ever expanding ’08 presidential field is getting unwieldy.

A primer on…

The Candidates. Their Strongest Assets / And Their Fatal Flaws.


Serious candidates:

  • Hillary Clinton. Cash / Kerryesque Contortions on Iraq War Vote.
  • Barack Obama. Superstardom / Inexperience.
  • John Edwards. Compassion, Whitness, Maleness / Electability.
  • Bill Richardson. Deep Foreign Policy Experience, Latino / Charisma Questions.
  • Joe Biden. Foreign Policy Committee Chair / Too Little Joementum.
  • Tom Vilsack. Could Win Iowa / International Inexperience.

Wild Cards:

  • Al Gore. Right on Everything / Charisma Questions.
  • Wes Clark. Military Cred, Bedroom Eyes / Clumsy Politician.

Also Rans:

  • Chris Dodd. Solid senate vet not named Clinton, Edwards, Obama, or Biden / Chris Who?
  • Dennis Kucinich. Anti-Warrior / Vegan.
  • Mike Gravel. Anti-IRS / Yet Another Ex Senator.
  • Al Sharpton?


Serious Candidates:

  • Rudy Giuliani. 9/11 Hero / The Company He Keeps (Gays, Ex-Wives, Bernie Kerick)
  • John McCain. Age and Experience / The “McCain Doctrine”
  • Mitt Romney. Universal Free Market Healthcare / Mormon, illegal gardeners, closeted liberal leanings.
  • Sam Brownback. Keeps Faith With Base / Electability.
  • Mike Huckabee. Sunny Social Conservative / Another Man from Hope?

Wild Cards:


  • Tom Tancredo. Anti-Immigrant Base / The rest of us.
  • Duncan Hunter. Foreign Policy Credibility, Immigrant bashing / Duke Cunningham pal
  • Jim Gilmore. Would Keep Virginia Red / Charisma Questions.
  • Tommy Thompson.
  • Ron Paul. Economic Conservative Stalwart/ Ron Who?


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