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Threat Assessment

threat assessment guns

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NRA fundraised on Aurora shooting

Warned of a government conspiracy to seize firearms: "The future of your Second Amendment rights will be at stake." [ThinkProgress]

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Justice Sonia Sotomayor to returns to Sesame Street

Will appear in the show’s “Word on the Street” segment. The word? “Career,” — “A job that you train and prepare for and plan on doing for a long time.” In her first appearance (left), Sotomayor ruled in the case of Baby Bear v. Goldilocks. [Politico]

threat assessment mohawk

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NASA ‘Mohawk Guy’ Becomes An Internet Thing

Bobak Ferdowsi, the Flight Director on the Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity mission has gone viral. [Mediaite]

threat assessment climate

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Study: Climate Change Making More of Earth Hotter

Claims deadly heat waves of recent years would not have happened without global warming. [NY Times]

sandra fluke

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Sandra Fluke to introduce Obama in Denver

Georgetown Law Student, who was called a “slut” and a “prostitute” by Rush Limbaugh after she who testified before Congress in favor of insurance coverage of contraception, will introduce the president at a campaign stop Wednesday. [Denver Post]

threat assessment herman cain

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Herman Cain Hopes Gas Prices Rise To Help Romney

Guest-hosting a talk radio show, he tells caller it's "not wrong" to hope price hits $4 a gallon. [ThinkProgress]

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