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Threat Assessment

Threat Assessment

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Bill Clinton: 'Nobody's Seen a Communist in Over a Decade'

Clinton called out Florida Rep. Allen West, who said he could name 80 Communist members of the House. "This is not the 1950s!" Clinton exclaimed. [[Politico]]

Henry Crumpton

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Ex-Spook: More Spies on U.S. Soil Now Than the Cold War

Former CIA officer Henry Crumpton asserts in his new book that there are more foreign spies in America than ever, even than during the height of the Cold War. [[Salo n]]

Jack Abramoff

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Nobody Wants to Play Golf With Jack Abramoff

Members of the Manor Country Club in Maryland are reportedly opposed to Abramoff's application for membership. "It's very difficult for felons to live in society," he says. [[Washington Post]]

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