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Nine Signs That Pot Legalization Is Coming Soon

After years of a failed war on drugs, the tide has turned against pot prohibition

9 Signs of Legalization

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When even a federal judge appointed by Ronald Reagan calls the criminalization of marijuana "absurd," you know we've come a long way from "Just Say No." As many as three states could vote to legalize pot this November, and not just for medical purposes – for straight-up getting high purposes. There’s always the chance they'll chicken out, like California voters did in 2010. But sooner or later, and probably sooner, a state will go green. Read on for nine signs that pot legalization is coming to the U.S.

By Julian Brookes

Mainstream US pols are coming out against the “war on drugs” approach

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Mainstream politicians are coming out against the ‘war on drugs’ approach

Three states' governors – Lincoln Chafee of Rhode Island, Christine Gregoire of Washington and Pete Shumlin of Vermont – filed a petition with the federal government last year to reclassify marijuana to allow for medical use. This year, Chafee, a Republican, signed a law decriminalizing the possession of small amounts of marijuana.