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Mitt Romney’s Federal Bailout: The Documents

Highlights from the records of the FDIC’s rescue of Bain & Company

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To uncover the true story behind the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation's $10 million bailout of Mitt Romney and Bain & Company, Rolling Stone made a Freedom of Information Act request that forced the FDIC to release more than 500 of pages of records. (The government, which was owed more than $30 million in all, had become a creditor to Bain when it took over the failed Bank of New England in early 1991.)

Prior to releasing the documents, the FDIC allowed Bain & Company to scour and redact the records. Dozens of pages were blacked out entirely, on Bain's claim that these nearly two-decade-old records contain secret "commercial or financial information." Most pages looked something like the image at left.

bain will fail

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The FDIC ultimately agreed to give Bain & Company a $10 million bailout (in the form of "debt forgiveness"). The reason: analysts working for the agency — through a company called RECOLL — believed that Romney's firm would otherwise "fail," and the government would see very little money from the firm's dissolution after Romney doled out the final round of bonus pay.

romney letter

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To secure his bailout, Romney wrote a personal appeal on Bain & Company letterhead dated March 23, 1993, assuring balky creditors that his latest scheme would lead  the firm back to "long term financial stability."

The government records show that Bain & Company's final agreement with the FDIC was signed just a week later, on March 31, 1993.

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