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10 Biggest Sports Controversies of 2014

From MLB analysts espousing creationism to Roger Goodell’s continued existence, this list really could have gone to 30

Sports ControversiesSports Controversies

Sports Controversies

Sports Controversies

There are two kinds of sports controversies, and only one of them is good.

There are the performance-related controversies, and these are fun. Quarterback controversy? Heck yeah, bring that on, especially if it involves a team I don't root for. Manager hates the GM? Even better. I love it when the baseball team has opposing goals. I hope your quinquagenarian sunflower-seed-chewer in a jersey benches your most promising players all year in favor of hamstring-snapping veterans with a decade of chaw juice accreted in their gray beards.

Then there are the other controversies, like when teams may be staffed by (or with) criminals. Or maybe even a whole league. There is not an image macro of an animal saying "DO NOT WANT" big enough for this. This is because, as a rule, most people watch sports to be entertained. We prefer to kid ourselves that sports are an unreal phenomenon, untarnished by the real world. Sports are meant to distract us from it, not reinforce just how annihilatingly awful it is day in and day out.

This was not a good year for the hermetic escapism of sports. Instead, it might be the worst case of the real world intruding on entertainment in modern sports history. To prevent all of us from walking into the sea with pockets full of stones, my list of the worst sports controversies of 2014 has been condensed to a psychically manageable 10. It could have been 30. It could have been 10 from the NFL alone. There is no reason to stop counting aside from a stubborn tendency for mankind to cling to hope.


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