Wingnut Watch: Perry-Backing Pastor Says Gays Use 'Brainwashing Techniques'

Evangelical pastor Robert Jeffress Credit: Sourced From CNN

Via RightWingWatch: Evangelical pastor Robert Jeffress emerged from obscurity the other day when, soon after introducing presidential candidate Rick Perry at the conservative Values Voters Summit, he trashed the Mormon religion as a "cult." Turns out, his views on gays and lesbians are ... about what you'd expect. In sermon in August titled "What to Say to Those Who Are Gay" he sought to dispel the "myth" of monogamous, comitted gay relationships. Citing a questionable study from the Netherlands, he claimed that the average duration of a homosexual relationship is apparently a year and a half. This figure leads Jeffress to surmise that "it is a myth that homosexuals engage in the same kind of monogamous healthy relationships as heterosexuals." In the past, Jeffress has claimed that gays and lesbians are using "brainwashing techniques" to “inject homosexuality” into the culture and that “homosexuality is being crammed down our throats."

All of which wins him a spot in our always-fresh Wingnut Watch gallery.