Watch the Week's Funniest Political Clips

This week the late-night laughs were (again) mostly Weiner-driven. Conan O'Brien presented a giant joke dispenser in the bulging form of (what else?) "Congressman Weiner's underwear," , while Jon Stewart debuted a new tool (so to speak) for deciding which important stories to cover: the "C#@k-Blocked Wheel." In non-Weiner news, Sarah Palin's patriotic bus tour supplied plenty of comic fodder, with Steven Colbert leading the pack (on a mechanical horse). These clips and others, below: 

Jon Stewart debuts a new way to decide what he'll cover on The Daily Show:


Conan O'Brien's larger-than-life Weiner joke dispenser:

In a Facebook exchange with one of his online friends that came out this week, Rep. Weiner suggested the two watch the Daily Show ... to get in the mood for love. Stewart reacts.


Stephen Colbert reenacts Sarah Palin's shot-firin', bell-ringin' version of Paul Revere's ride:


Jimmy Fallon weighs the pros and cons of Sarah Palin's bus tour: