Today in Occupy Wall Street

Protesters from the Occupy Wall Street movement gather in Zuccotti Park Credit: Scott Eells/Bloomberg via Getty Images

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• A CUNY sociologist was invited to survey visitors to, and found they are predominantly young and well-educated. One big surprise: many are politically independent. [New Yorker]. Plus: more key numbers [The Week]

• The New York City police and the Occupy Wall Streeters have had their run ins; but it turns out some rank-and-file officers are actually down for the cause. [Mother Jones]

• Activists are planning an OWS-like protest at a Canada economic summit this weekend, where former Presidents G.W. Bush and Bill Clinton are scheduled to appear. [CNN]

• Zuccotti Park, the home of the protests, is fast becoming a tourist destination. [MSNBC]

• An NPR freelancer was canned after apparently violating the company's code of ethics by being an OWS spokesperson. [Slate]

• Occupy Wall Street organizers are planning, of all things, a "Family Sleepover" this Friday night. [New York Observer]

• MTV has put out a casting call on Craigslist seeking Occupy Wall Street participants for roles on the upcoming season of the Real World. "It’s a verbal, vibrant, group of people," MTV execs say, "and we put the ad out there to make sure that their voice is heard and represented.” [TPM]


• Occupy Wall Street gives the left an opportunity to redefine itself, says historian Michael Kazin. [The New Republic]

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