The New AT&T

Sucks as much as the old SBC. Your friendly neighborhood blogger moved over the weekend. He was promised that his DSL line would go live this morning. And much to his surprise, it went live last night. Hurrah! But then, mysteriously, it conked out after breakfast. Following half an hour on the phone to what is purportedly a "Texas-based" service call center —where all of the service reps have suspiciously lilting Indian accents —I finally got booted over to sales, where a real Texan informed me that my Internet would not and could not go live again until Thursday.

Combine my personal frustrations with the company's alleged complicity in allowing the feds to spy on its customers, and I'm so ready to pull the plug.

Any San Franciscans know anything about RCN's all-in-one cable/Internet/phone bundle?