The Money Chase: Obama Cashes In

I guess counting all that cash takes time. Barack Obama's campaign has finally announced that it raised $25 million in the last quarter, with $23.5 million of that being dedicated primary money. On the face of it, this puts him a hair shy of Hillary Clinton. But it seems likely that he actually has more primary cash than Clinton, who has not disclosed what portion of her haul is earmarked for the general election.

UPDATE: ABC News is reporting that roughly $6 million of Hillary's $26 million is non-primary, making Obama king of the finance hill on the Democratic side. Interestingly, he had more individual donors (100K+) than Clinton and John Edwards combined.

A roundup:

Hillary Clinton: $26 million

Barack Obama: $25 million

Mitt Romney: $23 million

Rudy Giuliani: $15 million

John Edwards: $14 million

John McCain: $12.5 million

Bill Richardson: $6 million