Talking 'Real Housewives of Wall Street' on Imus

Wanted to post the video from my visit with Don Imus this morning, in which we talk about the “Real Housewives of Wall Street” story. The one piece of information in this interview that will be new, to those who’ve already read the piece, is that along with Christy Mack, Susan Karches, Wayne Huizenga, John Paulson, and the Arab Bank of Bahrain, there is another interesting name on the list of Fed loan recipients: Kenneth H. Dahlberg. Dahlberg, for those of you who’ve seen the movie All The President’s Men, was the Minnesota chair of Nixon’s Committee to Re-Elect the President, whose check to CREEP ended up in the account of one of the Watergate Burglars. Anyway, Dahlberg is on the list of TALF investors. This was actually reported by the New York Times last year, but like a lot of the TALF stories, the news received little fanfare.

Anyway, here is the Imus clip:

And for those of you who like me are big fans of All The President’s Men, here’s a retro Kenneth H. Dahlberg clip: