Stephen Colbert: Ten Years After 9/11, Homeland Security Going Soft

Since the 9/11 attacks, the U.S. government has done whatever it can to protect the homeland, said Stephen Colbert on last night's Colbert Report, from deploying enhanced interrogation techniques to inventing the phrase "the homeland." Until Barack Obama came along, that is. "Time and again, this man has proven that he's not serious about keeping us safe," the host said. Hence, Colbert's new segment: "This Week in National Secowardty." First up: the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), which announced it would relax various post-9/11 security measures, like requiring air passengers to take off their shoes before boarding. As he points out, all terrorists have at some point worn shoes. ("That's why it's called shoe-ria law." Duh!) Check it out below: