Raul Castro, "Stalinist Reptile"

Marc Cooper, has a poetic post about the meaning of Castro's "monarchic" plan for succession. Go read the whole thing, especially Marc's tale of beating up Raul's translator in Santiago in the'70s. It's a great read, and as ever some of the best writing in the blogosphere. Here's a taste:

After a half-century of supposed socialist transformation, after churning out millions of "new socialist men" (and women) there isn't a single other Cuban who is capable of leading his country? Only Fidel's brother? That's quite a striking coincidence, wouldn't you say?
Snapping into the apple was an exhilirating, liberating experience when a bearded young idealist promised freedom, equality and a new way of life. But how very sour the aftertaste has, indeed, become.
It's one helluva of a Hobson's Choice with which the Cubans are now about to be faced: or the heirs of Bautista in Miami. Or the reptilian Stalinist Raul taking over for his agonizing brother. Pobre Cuba.